Amber Lea Sutherland | London Model Booker | Mens 5 Year Anniversary | Team Interview

In continued celebration of the BRIDGE models Men's 5 Year Anniversary and the #REALBODYREVOLUTION campaign, we caught up with one of our Model Booker's Amber-Lea Sutherland and found out about her experience working with BRIDGE!

How many years have you worked at BRIDGE? 

Almost 5 Years 

What does a booker do? 

I oversee bookings with our models from start to finish, from finding the right model for the job to negotiating their contracts and usage rights with our clients. As a booker you also manage the development of the models on your board, scheduling test shoots, arranging go see’s with clients and promoting them for all opportunities.  

Amber-Lea Sutherland female model 5 year anniversary photoshoot with Bridge Models London

What drew you to BRIDGE? 

I started working at BRIDGE not long after they launched their mens board, at the time it was very small with about 5 or 6 men, but they already had a womens board that was doing very well so the message was very clear; representation matters and everybody deserves a platform where they can be seen and heard, no matter what size they are. It's this that drew me to BRIDGE and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to help spread such an important message.  

Have you seen growth and development within the Mens market in terms of size inclusivity?  

Yes, when I started with BRIDGE there were a few mainstream fashion brands that had just launched their big and tall ranges, (ASOS, Boohoo) – Ranges started out small and have multiplied over the years. More and more brands have been developing Big and Tall ranges since and we are even seeing High Fashion brands enter the market with designer pieces specifically for big and tall men.  

Has there been an increased demand for big and tall models in the industry in recent years? 

Yes. Over the last few years we've really been able to see this movement take off, our mens board has gained interest from all over the world, from Clients to Models alike. More and more brands have started to increase their sizes with many of them launching entire ranges dedicated to Big and Tall Men. 


Why do you feel representation is important for men in the fashion industry?  

Because these body types exist and they aren't uncommon. There has been so much growth in the Plus Size market for women and so much necessary change to the fashion industry has come from it that it seems almost hypocritical not to offer the same representation to men.  

Amber-Lea Sutherland female model 5 year anniversary photoshoot with Bridge Models London

Where would you like to see the industry in 5 years from now?  

It would be great to see the mens market expand and develop in the same way that the women's market has. Fashion industry still has a long way to go but changes are being made every day. Representation is important so I hope that the momentum it has gained in recent years continues and we are on track to a fully inclusive industry where everybody's body type is embraced, men and women alike.