BRIDGE Team answers FAQ's about applying to a Curve and Big&Tall modelling agency

You guys asked and we answered ...

The team answers the questions we get asked the most about applying to our modelling agency and becoming a model. Read on below to see if you have what it takes and APPLY NOW

Where do you start ?

Looking online for agencies and other models for portfolio inspiration and getting an idea of what your portfolio should eventually look like would be the first step. Having an idea of what kind of modelling you would be suitable for, and what your goals and targets are stepping into this industry.

Next would be taking your polaroid's and measurements and researching relevant agencies that you can start to apply to.

After that it’s about finding an agency that’s the right fit for you and are aligned with your goals !

Kelvin Davis, smiling for the camera, styling the new Spring Summer 2022 collection for Stitch Fix Men
Kelvin Davis for Stitch Fix SS22 Collection

Do measurements matter ?

We do not have strict measurement guidelines. We consider the full application - look, availability, potential, measurements, location… we take everything into consideration for each individual application. Models are so much more than measurements !

Requirements for a Big & Tall model ?

To be considered for the Big & Tall Men's board, the key requirements are height and chest, however other than that we consider all applications !

Brett Morse, Olympian athlete, styling a classic blue overcoat and brown polo neck for Dressmann XL
Brett Morse styling Dressmann XL 2021

Main qualities in a new models ?

One of the main things is to be in tune with yourself - 

The industry can be very fast paced with last-minute changes and rejection. Being able to handle criticism without taking it personal is key – you need to have thick skin.

Being organised, on time and professional is also super important ! Being able to take on board direction, advice and feedback to grow your experience and portfolio is essential. Confidence is always something that helps too.

Bishamber Das, modelling a brown leather shirt and white sunglasses for the model portfolio update. Images taken by Clara Barroso
Bishamber Das Portfolio Shoot. Images shot by Clara Barroso.

Can I be hearing impaired model ?

Of course you can ! We would LOVE to push for more diversity in the modelling industry, and that is why we encourage anyone and everyone to apply !

Types of photos to submit in an application ?

While the images do not need to be professionally taken, they are still required to be of high quality and resolution for us to review. Here are some of our do’s and don’ts for the images in the application process –

o Make sure you have a clear, preferably white, background

o Make sure you have good lighting

o Original, in-focus and hi-resolution images only. Please do not send through screenshots or photos with filters on or extremely re-touched images

o No nudity / no explicit images

o Make sure the images are your most recent photos and that your measurements are up-to-date

o Try and be consistent with the photos - headshots from the same shoot are encouraged

Karl McGovern model portfolio update shoot in 2021. Images taken by Mark A Shelly.
Karl McGovern Model Portfolio Shoot. Images Shot by Mark A Shelly.

What happens after you apply ? 

Your application comes through to our applications team and that’s where it will get reviewed !

The team will usually get back to you within a week - unfortunately if you haven’t heard back in a week then your application has not been successful. However, you are welcome to reapply in six months time ! Please refrain from sending multiple follow-up emails as all applications do get reviewed.

If the process is successful, then you will be contacted by our application team for a call to meet you officially in person or virtually, get to know you a little better and see if we are the best fit for you.

Do you need modelling experience ?

You do not need previous modelling experience to be considered. Experience is always beneficial, however it is not our only focus.

We look for potential and models with the right attitude who will be able to make it work in the industry.

Briana Bene Espinal, Model and Photographer, self portrait done for a model portfolio update
Self Portrait done by Model and Photographer Briana Bene

Do we accept models not from London ?

We mainly focus on models based in the EU, UK and US but we are open to everyone regardless of where they are based !

However, you do need to have the right to work visa and all other requirements to be able to book jobs in the UK.

Do we have any age restrictions ?

You must be 18+ to apply, however, there is no maximum age restriction ! 

Model Portfolio Update for Michelle Vernege by Katherine Boyle.
Michelle Vernege Model Portfolio Update. Images by Katherine Boyle.

Will the NYC office represent women ?

At the moment we are focusing on the Men’s and Influencer & Artists boards in the US, but who knows about the future ...