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How An Influencer Can Help Your Business

Influencers, especially in the current age of social media, are a crucial part of business success. Influencers can act as a form of advertising in addition to a company’s use of online advertisements, physical posters, and billboards.

Having an external influencer is helpful because they utilise various forms of promotional marketing on their social media platforms, which can contribute to a business’s outreach and potentially bring in new customers or clients.  

When you involve an influencer as a part of your business, it can save your marketing team an abundance of time, money, and resources. In some instances, partnerships with influencers can cover expenses because business-influencer relationships are formed online, and content can be created without the business’s assistance. 

BRIDGE Agency's Khrystyana modelling a white bag in a photoshoot.
Influencer and model, Khrystyana
BRIDGE Agency's Thaddeus Coates modelling for SavagexFenty's Pride Campaign 2021, wearing a neon green robe.
Influencer and model, Thaddeus Coates for SavagexFenty

Influencer promotion is beneficial in creating more brand awareness, especially when the influencer’s brand aligns with the company’s morals, mutually portraying both the influencer and the business to their audiences through a more positive lens.

Additionally, influencers are effective in actively promoting the business on their social media platforms and taking part in company-related activities such as modelling in photoshoots, endorsements, and public relations. 

With influencers acting as brand ambassadors, businesses can leverage social proof of their sponsored influencers by gaining the credibility and perspective of your brand from customers and creating a positive perception of your brand.  

Lastly, using influencers helps expand your target audience by being able to target multiple social media platforms. Each platform may have a different demographic, so this can help content spread across to different audiences rapidly. 

We are proud to manage a diverse range of influencers. You can view our London influencers here and our New York influencers here.