How to be successful as a Plus Size Model | London and New York Talent│Article

So you’ve been signed to a model agency, now what?

The industry is loud, the market is crowded, and you need to be able to ground yourself whilst making educated and productive decisions. Having the ability to navigate a highly competitive market with a clear perspective is essential.

The plus size market is growing year on year, contributing billions to the worldwide economy, it has never been more competitive and so saturated. You must be willing to contribute elevated work and content that gives your competition a run for its money. In the past having a strong portfolio and being in the right place at the right time for castings were the main ingredients for a successful career.

However, with the rise in trackable metrics and the growth in global audiences that have come from social media, a plus-size model needs to bring a little more to the party than just a great portfolio and a unique appearance.

Korean plus size model Gayoung in hair clips for London curve modelling agency BRIDGE
Gayoung is a Curve Model for BRIDGE
Korean plus size model Gayoung posing for London curve modelling agency BRIDGE

BRIDGE's top tips to becoming a successful plus size model

Have realistic goals and aspirations

Don’t be afraid of dreaming big, but ensure you research the dreams and markets so you and your agency are aligned with these objectives.

Practice practice practice

By that we mean not just posing for your social media - a cute, well-framed shot in front of an aesthetically pleasing backdrop is not modelling. Having to change outfits 50 times and produce a money-making shot in 3 clicks of a camera is modelling.

Test yourself, look at work online and in magazines from some of your favourite brands, try to replicate poses and frames with a friend in 3 clicks and see how hard it is.

Great posture, being in tune with your body, how you hold and accentuate your frame for the camera, again this can only come from practising.

Your agent can consistently push you to a client and get you a casting, but it is up to you to convert that casting into a booking. The more confident you are in your body and how to hold yourself in a shot the more you will get booked for work!

Plus size model Holli in a red suit for London curve modelling agency BRIDGE
Holli is a Curve Model for BRIDGE
Black plus size model Kyra Jaye with vertiligo in purple lingerie for London curve modelling agency BRIDGE
Kyra Jaye is a Curve Model for BRIDGE

Have great communication

The time your agent spends chasing you for something they have already requested is time they are not able to spend getting you more work. We would recommend having email notifications on your phone. The quicker you respond, the better the experience your potential client has with your agent and everyone is happy.

Read everything your agent sends through, at the end of the day it is your reputation in the industry on the line. If you skim read contracts or do not understand requests for bookings that can result in disappointment for you, your agency and the client.

Have an active and engaging presence online

This is essential as a plus size model with all clients requesting model social handles nowadays. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward on these platforms.

You need to view them as another casting online, everyone is looking, make sure it’s something you want them to be looking at. Be yourself, be polite, be kind and your personality will show through!