Mens 5 Year Anniversary | Interview with Nish Yadagiri

In continued celebration of the BRIDGE models Men's 5 Year Anniversary , we caught up with our newest team member Marketing, Influencer & Artist Assistant Nish Yadagiri and found out about her experience working with BRIDGE and her views on marketing, social media and influencing !

What has been a booking that has impacted you the most, to date?

I have worked across a range of bookings and industries, from commercial, editorial, PR, beauty and lifestyle. One of the most recent and favourite shoots that stand out for me would be …

Raul Samuel’s shoot for the launch of Bennet Loveday Menswear collection. Bennet set a high standard for his recent collection look book. Showcasing a diverse and confident model like Raul as the face and body of his premium collection for the launch, instead of as a promotional shoot at a later date, was ground-breaking. 

Rachel Peru’s Remote Savage Fenty shoot was absolutely iconic. The concept she came up with the photographer – shooting on the London Underground was amazing. We need to see more women of all shapes, sizes and age brackets embracing such fierce concepts like this !

Bishamber Das’ interview with The Female Lead about body neutrality was so inspiring.. It’s important to continue having this dialogue about body positivity, empowerment and the impact of social media. Watching Bishamber discuss her own experiences makes you realise the boundaries that she is constantly breaking in society and paving the way for other young curvy women that feel the same way !

Nish Yadagiri, Marketing and Influencer Assistant, looking through the Bridge Model Board Wall
Bridge Office Photography featuring Nish Yadagiri. Image shot by Emily Lavarello

Most rewarding part of your role as a Marketing and Influencer Assistant?

Working in this industry you get to see how many people are affected by the things BRIDGE and our talent do. Enabling partnerships and connections to amazing campaigns that open a space for diversity in multiple industries within the content creator spectrum.

I believe that working in marketing can be quite a privilege, especially working for a curve agency, you have the opportunity to showcase content that isn’t what you normally see in the modelling industry.

As this is your first graduate job in the industry, what has your experience been like so far?

Being my first graduate job, I was naturally quite nervous and didn’t know how to feel beginning a job in the modelling industry. In the short time I've been in the industry, I've experienced it’s a fast-paced environment that provides a space for learning different skills that come with bookings, development, management and marketing.

What would you say makes an influencer a great influencer?

Social media content and digital campaigns are the most in demand right now across all industries, it’s what we consume the most every day and it’s important to understand the impact this can have. It’s also not that easy to define a ‘great’ influencer but for me, someone who is mindful of who they are presenting content to and believes in what they promote, this is the type of influencer that myself and BRIDGE would want to support.

The social and digital space has a vast outreach where minimal effort can deliver a lot of impact to society. What makes a responsible and impactful influencer is one who engages on these platforms, aware of their audience and their market alongside providing a truthful and supportive space for the ever changing and evolving climate.

What would you like to accomplish with BRIDGE socials?

A lot of people are under the impression that modelling agencies are intimidating and inauthentic – but that is not the case, especially with what I have experienced so far working at BRIDGE. I personally love seeing the process of the booking and the back-end of how the industry works, their day-to-day experiences and seeing how the team works well together helps me feel connected to the brand.

I want people to be able to understand what the company truly stands for - That’s what I aim to be my impact to the company whilst making our socials an engaging platform that the audience can feel more connected to BRIDGE and each other.

Nish Yadagiri, Marketing and Influencer Assistant, and Mariam Gomez, Digital Communications Executive, working together at the Bridge Models Office in London
Bridge Office Photography featuring Nish Yadagiri and Mariam Gomez. Image shot by Emily Lavarello

What are you hoping to see in the future of influencing and social media?

For the industry to become more transparent, meaningful and honest. We all understand that influencing and content creation is a professional job and industry, and that influencers get paid fairly for their job and impact whilst still providing a more authentic view of their life to their audience.

Since the pandemic, more people understand how difficult life can get and how quickly things can change. I think the impact of this will urge more influencers to open themselves up to their audience and present a new truthful version of themselves. Social media also has so much power now and one thing I would love to see in the future would be a more united front with people having fun and sharing their happiness and experiences online.