Thaddeus Coates | New York Influencer and Artist | Adobe | Graphic Design Partnership

For this news update, we have the talented Big and Tall Fashion Model and Illustrator Thaddeus Coates a.k.a. Hippy Potter on socials, working with Adobe and Adobe Max to create some engaging and meaningful illustrations ! Scroll down below to see his final images and even a little peek into his process ...


Partnering with Adobe, Thaddeus created a unique set of graphic illustrations highlighting his motivations of body confidence as a big and tall male model and illustrator in New York. Thaddeus' work was all about embracing what makes you different !


Collaborating with other fellow Adobe MAX creatives across the globe, and challenged by Adobe, Thaddeus created a unique set of graphic illustrations about embracing everyday wonders and as creatives, finding the human feeling of joy with every little thing they do. Appropriately so this digital campaign was about all creatives entering #JoyMode !

Thaddeus has always been about practicing gratitude and appreciating where he came from, where he is now and thankful for where he's heading ! Check out his content from the collaborative content creations below ...