Trina Nicole | London Model and Influencer | New Signings

Body inclusivity champion, Nike ambassador and founder of The Curve Catwalk Trina Nicole is now joining our London Model and Talent boards ! 





Trina uses her platform to speak out about 'plus-size' labelling, diet culture and the problems with body positivity. She stresses the importance on seeing diversity in the sport and fitness industries and why it’s important to unapologetically take up space. 

Her true belief is that increased visibility of diversity in the wellness space is key to social attitude change and this shift is necessary for the representation of the un-represented and their mental and psychical health.

In a Harper's Bazaar interview she speaks on her own story. "From a young age, I had such low self-esteem because of my body, and that really affected me growing up. I had danced all my childhood but when puberty hit I stopped all kinds of activity because I felt

ashamed of how I looked. I wanted to hide in baggy clothes and shrink myself.” “When you’re growing up in a world where you’re not seeing others that look like you it directly affects your confidence.”. This underrepresentation and in a search to find her own confidence, Trina founded The Curve Catwalk - the UK's first movement class specifically for larger bodied people !

Trina was also shortlisted as Young Entrepreneur of the Year last year by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and named one of the HSBC 25 Top Black Entrepreneurs to Watch ! She has worked with some great brands such as, Nike, Tu, Adidas, Clarks, GAP, George and even made appearances in British Vogue and Channel Four documentaries.

Trina Nicole featured on British Vogue x Nike "These 4 Extraordinary Dancers Are Changing The Game"

“I just wanted to dance and have fun. That was the main thing,” “So I created that space that didn’t exist.”

Curve black dancer and model Trina Nicole wearing black t-shirt with slogan for BRIDGE Plus size Model Agency London
Trina Nicole partnering with Clarks and Fan Girl World
Black Curve Model and dancer Trina Nicole now signed to BRIDGE Plus size Model Agency London on Nike billboard
Trina Nicole featured on a Nike Billboard
Curve black dancer and model Trina Nicole wearing green tulle dress and flowers in hair for BRIDGE Plus size Model Agency London
Trina Nicole shot by Musical D