What we look for in a model at BRIDGE: Q&A with the BRIDGE Team | Article

What we look for in a model at BRIDGE: Q&A with the BRIDGE Team

Ever wondered what it takes to catch the eye of a modelling agency like BRIDGE? Well, wonder no more!

From personality qualities to social media habits and even application frustrations, find out what the BRIDGE team wants to see in potential talent.

Q. What personality qualities or traits do you look for in a model?

Charlotte - Managing Director
"I look for someone who is ambitious yet realistic, and with a great work ethic. Confidence and great energy are key. You have to be able to accept rejection and still show up for each possible opportunity with a smile and enthusiasm; because that is what clients and casting directors remember."

Siân - Talent Manager
"The model must be professional, confident, friendly and easy to work with!"

Erika - Model Booker
"I like when models are keen, willing to learn and grow. Being a model is not just about being pretty. It requires time and effort, as well as a lot of practice."

Ellie - Creative and Admin Assistant
"I look for models who are confident, enthusiastic, engaged in the industry, and eager to learn."

Bridge Agency's Raul Samuel, a black, plus size, big and tall, male model, at the London office.
BRIDGE's Raul Samuel having his measurements done in the London office.
Bridge Agency's Megan Dixon, a white curve female model, poses for photos.
BRIDGE's Megan Dixon having her digitals taken in the London office.

Q. What are your positive indicators or 'green flags' when scouting for potential influencers or content creators on social media?

Charlotte - Managing Director
"I look for people who actively engage with their followers and community on social media. A consistent posting schedule or visible pattern demonstrates their organisation and investment in their platforms."

Siân - Talent Manager
"I think unique and inspiring content, along with regular and consistent posting, are green flags. An engaged audience also signals potential talent."

Erika - Model Booker
"I always appreciate a strong social media presence!"

Ellie - Creative and Admin Assistant
"I'm drawn to people who showcase their own unique style and drive on social media. Having a clear personal path and doing numerous test shoots without prompt are also positive indicators."

A camera takes a photo in the Bridge Model Agency London office on Baker Street.
A closeup of the BRIDGE camera used for model digitals.
Bridge Model Agency employees create social media content in the London office.
The BRIDGE team shooting content for our social media channels.

Q. What are the aspects that frustrate you with model applications?

Charlotte - Managing Director
"It's frustrating when applicants send in digitals that clearly do not match what they claim to have taken that week. For instance, I once got four images where the applicant's hair colour was pink in some and brown in the other! This tells me that they did not thoroughly read the application instructions on our website.

Attention to detail is crucial in this industry, and if it's lacking in their application, it suggests they may not be fully committed to modelling as a career."

Siân - Talent Manager
"Poor quality photos and incorrect/missing measurements in model applications, especially height."

Erika - Model Booker
"When models fail to complete all the application details! For instance, missing information such as age makes it challenging to match them with clients looking for specific age brackets. If their social media handle is absent or their account is private, we miss out on the opportunity to learn more about them."

Ellie - Creative and Admin Assistant
"One aspect that frustrates me is poor communication!"

Bridge Agency's Lovelle, a black, curve female model and influencer poses in a photoshoot.
BRIDGE's Lovelle poses for the camera, in a street photoshoot.
Bridge Agency's Deonte, a black plus size, big and tall, male model talks in the New York office.
BRIDGE's Deonte talks to Siân, our Talent Manager, in the New York office.

Q. Are there any physical features that make you consider approaching someone with a BRIDGE card?

Charlotte - Managing Director
"I'm looking for a natural beauty, someone who has minimal makeup, but is still stunning and memorable. They need to look great in just jeans and a t-shirt - less is more! A good smile that translates well in photographs is a plus."

Siân - Talent Manager
"Just gorgeous features!"

Erika - Model Booker
"When approaching potential models, it's crucial to ensure they meet our current requirements. What we look for in a model changes all the time, depending on what our board is missing and what clients are looking for."

Ellie - Creative and Admin Assistant
"I would say people with strong features; I'd especially love to sign someone with bold eyebrows. Otherwise, whoever catches my eye, but also has their own sense of style."