Social Media Code of Conduct

Code of conduct for the social media channels of BRIDGE Models Limited (referred to hereon as the ‘company’). In this context, BRIDGE Models Limited comprises both the New York and London Offices.

BRIDGE Models Limited wishes constructive dialogue and therefore encourages all participants to maintain a proper tone in comments and posts.

We reserve the right to remove comments that:

  • May be offensive
  • May be discriminatory
  • Have a commercial nature
  • Contain information of a private nature
  • Contravene current legislation
  • Have no relevance to the site’s theme or the post commented on.

With repeated violations of the guidelines, we reserve the right to block the user.
In addition, users must also respect the guidelines of the particular platform – e.g. Facebook’s guidelinesTwitter's guidelines, etc.

Inquiries made to BRIDGE Models Limited requesting a response are to be sent to the company (e.g. via the contact details on this site). BRIDGE Models Limited does not process cases via social media.

BRIDGE Models Limited willingly participates in discussions on social media to the extent possible. For example, the company is unable to comment on cases of a private or political nature.

BRIDGE Models Limited follows other profiles/accounts/sites on social media in order to stay informed and engage in dialogue. The profiles/accounts/sites that the company follows does not imply agreement or sympathy with the views expressed on the relevant sites. Similarly, re-tweets or favourites on Twitter or likes on Facebook, etc. do not necessarily imply agreement, but rather a wish to share information or material.

BRIDGE Models Limited social media channels are monitored and edited intermittently within normal office hours.